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Entry #4

i rlly need ideas ppl >.<

2009-01-17 21:53:20 by trevboi119

ive been prcticing alot in flash, but i havent relly finished anything.... i want to make a platform game that is relly fun and interesting, but i just can think of anything. can i have some ideas?


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2009-01-17 23:46:05

have you ever seen the movie " Hot Fuzz" ? ( )
well if you haven't go see it, if you have remember the final battle sequence? do something like that, 1 cop goes in to a village of angry pplz and then he gets his buddy (which then you can change characters till you reach the pub, and then you get more characters and go to the mega mart and pick 1 out of 2 paths for fights and then car chase to the final hand to hand fight... etc. :3