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i rlly need ideas ppl >.<

2009-01-17 21:53:20 by trevboi119

ive been prcticing alot in flash, but i havent relly finished anything.... i want to make a platform game that is relly fun and interesting, but i just can think of anything. can i have some ideas?

weapon switching?

2008-10-17 23:01:42 by trevboi119

hey im makin a game i think its comming along nicely but i want to be able to switch between weapons.... any suggestions on how to do this?

upgrade shop?!?!

2008-07-24 14:43:58 by trevboi119

im makin a game and i wanna make it a little more fun... can some one tell me how to make an upgrade shop? im not that good at programing so if i can get some help that would be great


2008-07-20 23:59:35 by trevboi119

im tryin to make a new game its sort of a mix between a scrolling platformer and a falling block avoider... im out of ideas if someone can give me one that would be great.... also could someone tell me how tomake an upgrade shop?